Call for Nominations!

The WAPA nominating committee (made up of EB Lee, Polly Talen, and Sarah Warn) are seeking volunteers for members of the WAPA governing board. We encourage all interested alums to apply! WAPA is committed to building a diverse and inclusive group, and encourages alums of color, alums with disabilities, and alums who identify as transgender, genderqueer, and/or nonbinary to apply. 


The application can be found here. Applications are due May 15th. 

If you have questions please contact


WAPA Board position descriptions are below:

President. The President will provide the executive leadership to the organization. The President shall call and preside over meetings of the Governing Board and the membership; keep informed of College and WCAA activities and policies; and ensure the information is disseminated appropriately to the WAPA. The President acts as a liaison between the WAPA and the WCAA and submits an annual report of the organization’s activities to the WCAA office as required. In consultation with the Governing Board, the President shall appoint the chairs of all committees, and shall serve ex officio on all committees, except the nominating committee.

Vice President for Programs. The Vice President for Programs oversees the program activities of the organization in furtherance of its mission and purpose. The VP for Programs works closely with regional and local representatives to plan and implement WAPA programs; maintains a calendar of activities; and provides this information to the Vice President of Communications for inclusion in appropriate communications vehicles. The VP for Programs fulfills the duties of the President in the President’s absence.

Vice President for Membership. The Vice President for Membership is responsible for promoting and enhancing the participation of members in the WAPA through creative and effective member recruitment, tracking, and engagement initiatives. In addition, the VP for Membership will be responsible for board development; cultivation of graduating seniors; outreach to lost members; maintenance of a comprehensive networking directory of members; and development of tangible membership benefits. The VP for Membership will also maintain contact with current LGBTQ+ student organizations at Wellesley.

Vice President for Communications. The Vice President for Communications oversees the organization’s communications vehicles, including websites, newsletters, and/or social media. The VP for Communications prepares and submits WAPA notes for the Wellesley magazine; and works with the other Governing Board members to collect and appropriately disseminate information about WAPA, the College, WCAA, and campus activities.

Secretary. The Secretary shall preserve all minutes, notices, and copies of communications, publications, and documents of importance to the WAPA. The Secretary shall oversee the Governing Board election process as well as serve as the point person for scheduling meeting locations and compiling the agenda, in consultation with the other officers.

Treasurer. The Treasurer shall oversee all WAPA financial matters in accordance with WCAA guidelines. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit an annual financial report to the Governing Board and the members before the annual meeting.